Parish heating and air conditioning system update

06-19-2022Pastor's LetterVery Rev. Richard W. Fitzgerald, V. F.

As previously noted, we have embarked on a major capital project in the parish by replacing the 145 year old heating system with a new system and installing along with it an air conditioning system in both the upper and lower church. The new system will also have an air purifying element with it. You should have received in the mail a notice of the fund raising effort we need to pay for the new systems.

The total cost of the project will approach $450,000.00. Details of the pledge and payment plan are in the mailing that you received.

If you did not receive a mailing, you may take one located in the racks at the church entrances or at the parish rectory office. This is the largest fundraising campaign that the parish has conducted in decades. Everyone’s response is needed. You may also contribute online HERE.

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