Miracles of Jesus

06-27-2021Weekly ReflectionJames Gaffney

A young girl walked with her mother to her neighbor’s home to drop off a few bags of groceries. On the way home, the little girl asked her mother why she did that. The mother explained that the father of the family had lost his job and they were having a hard time making ends meet and buying enough food to feed their family. The girl asked, “So why did you deliver groceries?” The mom answered, “Because someday I may be the hungry one."


Teaching by Example

06-20-2021Weekly ReflectionJames Gaffney

The best teachers teach by example. When that is not possible, they use the next best thing: a good story. The hero or heroine of a good story can display good judgment, strong morals, or ethics and virtues such as courage, honor and fairness. When the characters in the story are members of your own family, it makes it even easier to think, “That could be me!” The accomplishments of those with whom we have some connection can leave a lasting impression.


Tree of Righteousness: Scott Hahn Reflects on the Eleventh Sunday of Ordinary Time

06-13-2021Weekly ReflectionScott Hahn

In the cryptic message of the prophet Ezekiel, long centuries before the Lord’s coming, God gave His people reason to hope. Ezekiel glimpsed a day when the Lord God would place a tree on a mountain in Israel, a tree that would “put forth branches and bear fruit.” Who could have predicted that the tree would be a cross on the hill of Calvary, and that the fruit would be salvation?


The Body and Blood of Christ

06-06-2021Weekly ReflectionJames Gaffney

The soldiers from our area were leaving for active duty overseas and the local television news covered their departure. The reporter asked each one what he was taking with him as a reminder of family and friends back home. The soldiers displayed pictures, lockets of hair, medals and lucky charms of all sorts. Each one took a little piece of home with him, hoping that they would come back, safe and sound.

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